About Us

If anybody tries to give you a complicated explanation as to what exactly lawn seeding is, then they are either trying to oversell it, which could mean they don’t know what they are talking about, or they are just trying to sound clever. Lawn seeding does exactly what it says on the box. You are adding seeds to your lawn to help it grow into the thick, lushes green carpet you deserve. This is unfortunately where the simplistic nature of this solution ends. One needs to make sure that they get the right seed to suit their specific lawn.


Lawn seeding aims to give your lawn the boost it so desperately needs. Now there is no use planting it in the middle of winter for obvious reasons, and doing so when the summer is here will also be a waste. In our professional opinion, the best time to sow your seed is either during early spring or early fall. This will give it enough time to take hold and make it durable enough to handle any future seasonal changes. For a bit more information, why not give us a call right away.


Many of our DIY enthusiasts often ask us why the lawn seed they have sown is not growing. Now if we are being brutally honest, the first mistake they made was trying to do this themselves, but if we put that aside for a moment, the most common problem is the fact that they did not fertilize before they started sowing their seeds. Remember what we said earlier on, fertilizer is essential if you want to make sure that your plants and lawn grow to the best of their ability. Luckily we offer this and all you have to do is ask.

The Right Seed

Next to forgetting to fertilize their lawn before seeding, the biggest mistake clients make is choosing the wrong seed. Now there is absolutely no way we could hold them responsible for this, at the end of the day there are so many variations, and sub-variations, that it would just be smarter to get an expert opinion from the very beginning. Luckily at Airdrie Lawn Care Pros, we have one of the widest selections of seeds available, and once our experts have determined what type of grass makes up your lawn, they will provide the appropriate seeds.

Aesthetic Appeal And Value For Money

The one thing our clients all care about is the price which they have to pay to ensure that their lawn always looks it’s absolute best. No matter how good our solutions might claim to be, at the end of the day they need to offer real value for money. To see if this is the case, we would suggest that you give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to cover all the bases, and by the time they are done, you will have experienced firsthand what real value for money looks like.